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To Fix America, Unite Liberals and Conservatives With a Nationalist Contract With America

If you are watching what is going on in America, you probably have noticed that we Americans are divided on just about everything. Income inequality (and what to do about it), corporate greed, the importance of the Constitution, the amount of government control in our lives, racism, taxes, immigration, religion and social issues all divide us.

Why is America so divided? America is divided because neither political party is doing what is best for America.

While some Republicans are starting to see that income inequality is a real issue, they have no idea what to do about it. Democrats try to address income inequality by raising the minimum wage, but how exactly will raising the minimum wage to $10/hr ($20,800 per year), $12/hr ($24,960/yr) or even $15/hr ($31,200/yr) end income inequality?

Why don't Democrats ever fix the problems they campaign on? Democrats win election after election on issues such as racism, income inequality and greedy big businesses then never do anything about them and often make the issues worse.

Republicans believe that a robust free-market economy will lift up the poor, even though there is no evidence to support this belief and the middle class manufacturing job losses caused by Republican free trade policies has decimated the middle class.

What if racism and income inequality are worse after having a black president for eight years? What if Democrats don't fix racism, income inequality and the wealth gap because if they did, there would be no reason to vote for a Democrat? What if the first black president supported excessive immigration to America from Mexico even though Mexican immigrants take jobs from black Americans? What if he did this because unemployed black Americans and immigrants overwhelmingly vote for Democrats?

What if establishment Republicans care more about foreigners and multi-national corporations than they do about Americans and American workers? It was Thomas Jefferson who said "But merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." so why then don't Jeffersonian conservatives in the Republican party understand that businesses have no allegiance to America? Why do Republicans continue to believe that businesses can do no wrong?

Republicans don't realize that doing nothing while businesses move factories to other countries will eventually destroy America because when there is no middle class left and the poor outnumber the wealthy, the poor will vote for fascism, socialism or communism. The popularity of admitted socialist Bernie Sanders should be a wakeup call to conservative Republicans.

If neither democrats or republicans are looking out for us, then what can we Americans do?

We must put aside our differences and unite behind nationalist policies that end our disagreements with each other. Only our unity will restore America to greatness and keep it that way. The way to end almost all the division in America is with the comprehensive nationalist contract with America that follows.

NOTE: What follows is necessarily very long because the country is in bad shape. Because the issues are complicated, the solutions needed to be adequately explained. It is meant to be read by those paying attention to what is happening in America and is in bulleted form for simplification and for faster reading when possible. You will not be able to read it in one sitting so I suggest you take a break between each section. Believe me, it took a lot longer to write than it will take you to read. An "about the author" section follows the contract to help conservatives understand what would influence a former conservative to abandon conservatism and become a nationalist.


1. Change the Relationship Between Business and Government

a) Eliminate All Business Taxes and Business Fees

Pass legislation to eliminate all business taxes and business fees. All corporations and businesses pay zero taxes and zero fees including state and local taxes and business license fees. Do this for political and economic reasons.

b) End Crony Capitalism

c) Campaign Finance Reform

d) Eliminate Conflict of Interest Between Government and Business

Pass legislation making it unlawful for five years after they retire for corporations to hire senior government officials and for defense contractors to hire senior military leaders. No more "retired" Admirals on the Board of Directors at the shipbuilding companies that build Navy ships.

The combination of all the items listed thus far ends the problem of corporate money influencing politics by breaking the links between business and government. No subsidies, no taxes, no tax breaks, no crony capitalism, and no campaign contributions means that businesses will have no influence over politicians and no control over our government. American citizens will regain power over Congress, only after the links between businesses and government are broken.

2. End Income Inequality

Thomas Jefferson was right when he said merchants have no country. Let's stop pretending that businesses owe their allegiance to the United States and start implementing Government policies that recognize that business interests are not always aligned with what is in the best interest of the United States.

End income inequality by eliminating the factors that cause it. But first, understand what causes it by reading this. Income inequality occurs because:

There is no disputing that capitalism is the best economic system on the planet but it needs reform. The large number of supporters for socialist Bernie Sanders should be a wake-up call to all those who support capitalism. If we don't fix capitalism, it will eventually be replaced by the voters who are not benefitting from capitalism. I believe income inequality will continue to worsen because:

To end income inequality:

a) Treat Corporate Executives and Workers Equally in Corporate America

b) Drastically Reduce Food and Energy Prices

Income inequality is really about standard of living. High food and energy costs reduce the standard of living for the middle class and poor because the middle class and the poor spend a large percentage of their incomes on food and energy whereas the wealthy (including millionaire politicians) are largely not affected by food and energy prices because these costs are small to them.

Government provided inflation data that shows inflation is not a problem is dead wrong because most of the time the two most important factors to the average American (food and energy) are omitted. Fruit and meat prices have soared in the last few years all while average family income is stagnant at best. How can inflation be 1% - 2% per year when food prices have increased 100% or more in the last five years? My food bill per month for a family of 4 is almost as much as my mortgage payment.

After watching gasoline prices go from $4 a gallon down to $1.50 a gallon before going back up, is there any doubt that the system that supplies our gasoline is not set up to keep prices low for the benefit of the American population? If gas prices went to $1.50 per gallon once, they can get that low again with the right policy changes.

Increase the standard of living of American citizens by implementing policies that reduce food and energy costs:

c) Create Jobs for Americans in America

Our federal government spends an unimaginable amount of money each year. Why isn't this money spent entirely on American-made goods and materials? Why can steel made in China be used to build United States Navy ships when it's taxpayer money being used to buy those ships and it is a matter of national security to have a strong steel industry? And to make matters worse, our trade deficit with China helps China fund their own military buildup that now includes their own aircraft carriers.

American companies move operations abroad then import their goods back to America and we let them do it without any penalty. The businesses will return to America when the business taxes are eliminated but for those that don't, recognize that "merchants have no country" and apply tariffs to every non-food item that is composed of 50% or more dollar value of foreign made parts and/or labor.

Ask any HR manager at any company what determines employee compensation and they will tell you that the (labor) market does. If the labor market determines worker pay, then stop flooding the job market with immigrant labor because it causes wage stagnation. Put the American worker first by stopping immigration until Americans are back to work with rising wages, then what is left can go to immigrants.

Economic recovery is not happening in America today because the loss of middle class jobs over the last few decades means that many Americans don't have disposable income to spend.

Many conservative republicans think that it's the workers fault for not getting more job skills to get a better job. That reasoning is flawed and simply nonsense. While justifying income inequality, conservatives will point out that people are different. They say that some folks work harder than others. They say that some folks are smarter than others and this is what causes income inequality. But then conservatives don't apply this reasoning when it comes to jobs. If people are different, which we clearly are, then a sound jobs policy will take this into account. A sound jobs policy will identify that people are different and that while many go to college, many do not and should not. Those that do not go to college used to be able to support a family and live well by learning a trade. Return the blue collar jobs back to America to help put an end to income inequality.

d) Align the Interests of Congress with The Interests of Average Americans

See section 4.c for details.

3. Tax Reform

a) Eliminate all business taxes and fees at all levels of government (refer to section 1a).

b) Institute a single rate flat income tax on all individuals, with no deductions, for political not economic purposes.

Tax policy has economic impacts but also has political impacts. The biggest problem with the tax code is the root cause of our out-of-control government borrowing and spending. And that problem is that a very large number of American voters pay no tax and many who don't pay taxes actually get paid by the government (i.e. earned income tax credits) so that they have absolutely no incentive to vote for lower taxes and smaller government.

Therefore we must scrap the entire tax code and institute a flat tax ON ALL Americans (i.e. individuals) with all deductions phased out incrementally over ten years. When all taxes come from individuals, it is much more likely the people will want small limited government because they will directly feel the cost of large inefficient government when their taxes go up. Currently the people have no link between wanting bigger government and paying more taxes because they expect others (corporations, the wealthy etc.) to pay the higher taxes that are needed for the bigger government they want. With a single rate flat income tax on all individuals with no deductions and no taxes on businesses, Americans who want bigger government will be forced to pay for it.

There are those that say the wealthy actually pay a smaller percentage in taxes than the middle class because they have accountants and very large tax deductions. If that is true, a flat tax with no deductions means that the wealthy will pay comparatively more than they do now (no more deducting mortgage interest on that $20 million dollar mansion). While it's debatable if the wealthy will pay more or less with a flat tax with no deductions, it doesn't matter because the most import aspect of tax policy is political not economic.

c) End All Government Agency Imposed Fees and Fund the Government Agencies Exclusively With the Flat Tax

Abolish all government fees and fund everything with the individual (flat) income tax, which will be set in amount by congress as the Constitution requires. No more unconstitutional taxes (i.e. fees) imposed by unelected bureaucrats that are really stealth taxes. Fees raise revenue for the government therefore they are taxes not fees so end them all and fund everything using the flat income tax. This gives visibility to all the government's costs and gives incentive for congress to keep government costs low. Right now, fees are routinely raised because there is no incentive to keep costs low because there is no accountability to the voters.

4. Reform Government and Return to Constitutional Government

If you are still reading, then you are most likely a well informed American who really understands how bad things are in America.

Now let's look at what is required to return to constitutional government including returning to Congress it's constitutionally mandated duties.

a) Return Constitutionally Required Congressional Duties Delegated by Congress Back to Congress.

b) Return to a Constitutional Military

Since WWII, America has fought in Vietnam, Bosnia and Iraq without the declaration of war from Congress that is required by the Constitution.

Our unconstitutional military structure has enabled these unconstitutional wars. Nowhere else has the Constitution been more ignored by Congress than in the structure of the military.

What you are about to read might be hard for some of you. Don't limit your knowledge by accepting what the political machine wants you to think. Think for yourself. Read the Constitution for yourself. Study the founding fathers.

Article I Section 8 of the Constitution assigns the duties of Congress to declare war, to "provide and maintain a navy", to "raise and support armies", and "to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions (emphasis mine all)." Government violations of these constitutional requirements include:

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison despised a standing army because they thought that a standing army combined with a powerful executive was a threat to peace and liberty. They have been proven right.

Thomas Jefferson quotes that a standing army is a threat to peace can be found here.

James Madison saying the same can be found here.

Congress cannot give their consent to keep a standing army. The Constitution must be amended for a standing army to be constitutional. If you are a proponent of a standing army then amend the Constitution to add a provision to "maintain" an Army. You can't pick and choose the parts of the Constitution you want to obey no more than you can pick and choose the laws you want to obey.

To get back to a constitutional government, repeal the unconstitutional acts and policies that merged the national guard with the army in 1933 and allows them to be deployed overseas (in 1973).

A return to a constitutional military structure (e.g., the elimination of the standing army, the return of the citizens militia and the return of Department of Defense control to Congress) will end unnecessary foreign wars because only true threats to America will create the political will for Congress to declare war, raise an army, and fund the war. Raising the army would require volunteers and people would likely only volunteer if there is a real threat to America. They would likely not volunteer if the army was being raised to protect other nations, the flow of oil or to give democracy to a country of goat herders. If a draft was instituted to conscript an army due to the lack of volunteers, public outcry and the political pressure would be tremendous without a just cause.

Military men and women join the military to protect America but find themselves in a foreign country going door to door nation building instead. This would never happen without a standing army because raising one to perform this task would face tremendous political pressure and require people to volunteer for it. Because the army already exists and because Congress has delegated its constitutionally required military oversight duties to the President, it is relatively easy for America to engage in military conflict. All that is needed is a report (whether real or not) of crimes against humanity somewhere in the world and a President willing to send bombers and America is in a military conflict without a declaration of war from Congress. Move the DoD from the executive to the Congress and eliminate the standing army and we will not have wars without a real need and without a declaration of war from congress.

The absence of a real militia consisting of citizens, not soldiers, is exactly why there is any debate at all about the second amendment. Bring back the citizens militia, with mandatory membership of all males 18-50 years old and voluntary membership of females 23-45 years old and the debate on the second amendment will disappear forever. The divisive issue of gun rights and the second amendment is now resolved.

Creating a citizens militia will create the largest defensive fighting force in the world and eliminating the standing army would save America billions of dollars annually, important for a nation that is 20 Trillion dollars in debt.

c) Return to a Constitutional Judiciary

The founding fathers never gave SCOTUS the right to rule on the constitutionality of the laws created by Congress (a.k.a. the power of "judicial review"). There is no such authority provided in Article III of the Constitution, which is important because government only has the power/duties expressly provided for (i.e. written) in the Constitution with all other powers belonging to the States or the people in accordance with the tenth amendment.

Why is it a bad idea for SCOTUS to rule on the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress?

Because when as few as five SCOTUS justices declare laws unconstitutional they can undo the will of the people and violate the 10th Amendment just as SCOTUS did when it ruled that millions of people in over 30 states violated the Constitution when voting to amend their state constitutions to prohibit same-sex marriage.

SCOTUS has no constitutional authority to make laws but that is exactly what happens when they invoke judicial review. This is relevant because they are routinely wrong, especially when ruling in landmark cases:

In all these cases, SCOTUS created law with its rulings.

From the examples above it is clear that the opinion of nine justices as to what the Constitution means is what determines what the Constitution means at any given moment in time. The fact that many landmark rulings are 5-4 decisions is an indication that there is too much opinion involved in these rulings and that SCOTUS should not be ruling on these issues.

Congress can be held accountable to the people on election day whereas SCOTUS is accountable to no one because of lifetime appointments. Unconstitutional laws passed by congress can be undone with new laws whereas unconstitutional SCOTUS rulings can only (currently) be undone with a constitutional amendment.

Since Article III of the Constitution does not grant SCOTUS the power of judicial review, the people, not SCOTUS, are the keepers of the Constitution as required by the tenth amendment.


So what is the solution to return to a constitutional judiciary?

To stop SCOTUS from unconstitutionally creating law using the practice of judicial review, Congress shall create a tribunal in accordance with Article I Section 8 of the Constitution, for the sole purpose of hearing cases that challenge the constitutionality of laws created by Congress. This tribunal will be made up of members of Congress, preferably members of the House of Representatives since they answer to the people in an election every two years.

If this is ever challenged in court the case would come to the tribunal since it is a challenge to the constitutionality of the law and the tribunal would rule justifying the tribunal. To preserve the tenth amendment, create state tribunals composed of members of the state legislatures to hear constitutional challenges to state law. To protect the tenth amendment and preserve federalism, constitutional challenges of state law shall only be heard by the state, not federal, tribunal.

The law that creates the tribunal shall include the justification of the legality and constitutionality of this law by stating that the Constitution:

Congress shall create the appellate exception for judicial review by SCOTUS and assign this duty to the new tribunal made up of members of Congress.

A constitutional amendment is needed to give SCOTUS the power of judicial review, not to take it away. SCOTUS seized this right that it doesn't have and members of Congress, who will answer to the people, must retake their constitutional duty of creating laws back from SCOTUS.

Elected members of Congress who answer to the people on election day will determine the constitutionality of law, NOT unelected and unaccountable judges with lifetime appointments. The political viewpoints of SCOTUS judges will no longer be an issue and will be reflected as such during the Senate confirmation hearings of a SCOTUS nominee. When the judiciary follows the Constitution, it won't matter that much who is on the supreme court.

Once the tribunal is in place, pass federal legislation that rolls back all judicial legislation from the bench that overturned the will of the people including campaign finance reform, the 14th amendment citizenship birthright to illegal immigrants, and the defense of marriage ballot initiatives. As detailed in section 1 of this contract, political campaign contributions from businesses to politicians must be outlawed if the people are to regain power over their government therefore the SCOTUS ruling that established that corporations have free speech rights must be reversed.

End the practice of judicial review with a constitutionally permitted congressional tribunal that re-establishes congress as the legislative body as required by the Constitution. Then, by act of Congress, repeal all past "laws" created by SCOTUS rulings and re-establish the people as the keepers of the Constitution.

d) Align the Interests of Congress With the Interests of Average Americans

CEO compensation packages that include free stock are justified in corporate America in order to "align the interests of the CEO with the interests of the stockholders." Similarly, Americans need to align the interests of Congress with the interests of average Americans.

Do this by setting after tax congressional salaries equal to the most recent after tax average household income. Because our millionaire politicians are insulated from food and energy price increases since they are so wealthy, require members of congress, while in office, to support their families with what the average American household earns. Make it mandatory that any money or gifts received above the average American household income be given to charity. This gives Congress incentive to:

Additional benefits include:

Congress needs incentive to act in the best interests of the people and the only way to do that is to make them financially like the people while they are in Congress.

5. Loose Ends

a) Reduce College Costs

Why does a computer science major have to take two history classes as a college freshman to satisfy general education requirements after taking four years of history in high school?

Colleges typically justify their (required) general education and physical education courses in order to make well rounded students. College costs are so high today that we can't afford this luxury. Students will learn more and become well rounded as they get older, after they graduate. It's called getting older and wiser and we all have done it.

To reduce the cost of college, pass legislation that prevents colleges and universities from requiring general education and physical education courses. This will cut the 4 year degree down to about 2.5 years or 5 semesters. The general educations courses would become optional so that those who want to and can afford to go to college for 4 years can still do so. For those choosing the 2.5 year plan, the $100,000 college degree (4 years at $25,000 per year) now costs about $62,000 ($25,000 x 2.5) for a $38,000 savings. The legislation must stipulate that the tuition rate per semester must be equal for both options and that required credit hours in the major of study shall not be increased from the required credit hours at the time the law is passed.

Reduce the costs of books by passing legislation to require all colleges offer non-expiring electronic versions of the required textbooks in downloadable PDF format for no more than $15 each. For those that choose this option, the $300-$500 per semester for textbooks becomes $60-$75 per semester.

Outlaw mandatory requirements for students to live on campus since this almost doubles the cost of tuition. Students who live close enough to commute should have the option of doing so to avoid doubling their college costs.

There is a lot more to do here but this is a good start.

b) Improve Race Relations

The problem: White civilians and police believe deadly force with a firearm is justified when confronted by a violent unarmed individual while blacks believe there is no justification, no matter how violent the black person is, for anyone to kill an unarmed black person. This is not isolated to the police as we saw in the Trayvon Martin case. THERE IS NO WAY TO RECONCILE THESE TWO DIFFERENT VIEWS. Therefore the only solution is:

I personally believe that many black folks are angry at white people because everywhere they look, white people have things and they don't. They are mostly not involved in politics or economics and don't know what is going on in the world so they cannot figure out why they don't have things and whites do, so they blame racism and what they believe is "white privilege."

What is the reason white people have things and blacks don't? Why is black unemployment so much higher than white unemployment?

I believe that if you fix the problems in these five areas, you will fix the racial problems in America.

My theory, putting it all together is: Some blacks hate America because they don't understand why they don't have things like white people do, which is caused by being economically depressed because of poor employment options, which was caused by blue collar job killing free trade policies (thanks to Republicans), high corporate taxes (thanks to Democrats) and government regulations (thanks to Democrats), excessive immigration (thanks to Republicans and Democrats) and excessively greedy business leaders who don't share with the working class when their company is doing well.


It is somewhat obvious that Tasers and body cameras on ALL officers will improve police relations with the community. It is less obvious that the lack of good paying manufacturing jobs, excessive immigration, food and energy price inflation and failing schools are the cause of black anger toward whites.

5. Summary

For decades Republicans and Democrats have sometimes taken turns and sometimes worked together ruining the country. In eight years as President, Republican President George Bush increased the national debt from about $5 Trillion to about $10 Trillion dollars. Democrat President Barack Obama, in his eight years as President, is on pace to double the national debt again to about $20 Trillion dollars. Both Democrats and Republicans have taken turns being the majority party in Congress during the Bush and Obama presidencies, so they are both equally to blame there as well.

What do we have to show for the $15 Trillion dollars in debt accumulated in just the 16 years under Bush, Obama and the Republican and Democrat controlled Congresses? Racial division as worse as it's ever been. 16 years of American corporations moving manufacturing jobs overseas and replacing American workers with immigrant workers for the jobs that remain in America. 46 million Americans are on food stamps and under the poverty line, a line that is so low its unimaginable. The poor are tired of waiting for the benefits of Capitalism to reach them.

Both Democrats and Republicans have no answer to fix an economy devastated by their free trade policies, so they increase borrowing and spending trying to create jobs and improve the economy. For decades we have tried Republican and Democrat policies that led to a $20 Trillion dollar national debt and for decades average household income, adjusted for inflation, has remained stagnant.

New ideas are desperately needed.

Uniting America with the policies presented here are the new ideas we desperately need.

Unite the wealthy, middle class and poor against high taxes with a single rate flat income tax with no deductions. Eliminate all business taxes not just to create jobs and economic growth, but to end the need for businesses to lobby congress for tax breaks which will help return power over Congress back to the people.

Knowing that CEO salaries and compensation plans are NOT determined by the free market, end income inequality by establishing maximum ratios of CEO compensation to worker compensation, by mandating businesses profit share with workers, and by mandating businesses provide the same benefit plans to both executives and employees. With equal income taxes, equal company benefits, profit sharing to all employees and maximum CEO compensation ratios, there will be no more demonizing the wealthy.

When businesses distribute wealth directly to their workers (using mandatory profit sharing) instead of government redistributing wealth, workers will have incentive to contribute to their businesses doing well and the power and size of the federal government will be greatly diminished because government will no longer take money from some Americans to give money to other Americans.

Democrats and Republicans like to be in control of who gets tax breaks because it makes them powerful and important to the businesses and special interests who are asking for them. Eliminating business taxes and thus tax breaks, ending crony capitalism and outlawing business contributions to campaigns and political groups breaks the financial link between businesses and government and will return power over Congress back to the people.

Conservatives may not like parts of this proposal but should be willing to accept them in exchange for eliminating business taxes and preventing continued social unrest, potential civil war and voters turning to socialism, fascism or communism. The progressive Socialists are using income inequality successfully to further their cause. The popularity of admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders should be a wakeup call to conservatives and an indicator that conservative policies are not working. The poor are tired of waiting for the benefits of capitalism to reach them.

The overwhelming majority of Democrat and Republican politicians are globalists. Globalism is directly responsible for our $20 Trillion dollars in national debt because federal government borrowing and spending is the response politicians use to try to undo the devastating effects on the American economy from their globalist policies.

America is deeply divided because neither political party is looking out for the American people. A divided America will never see its problems fixed because there will always be at least one group that is not happy and thus we will continue to choose sides and fight amongst ourselves. This is why the solution to America's problems are policies that unite us.

To truly resolve America's problems forever, we must unite behind the new policies contained in "The Nationalist Contract with America" and insist that our elected representatives implement them.

It's time for we, the American people, to start a movement and re-take control of our country.


Originally posted August 17, 2016. Last amended March 6, 2018.

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