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I grew up a liberal in liberal Democrat dominated western New York. I remember my high school home room and economics teacher, Mr. Brown, asking us which political candidate we liked and why but only for the Democratic party. I cast my first vote for the Mondale-Ferraro ticket against Ronald Reagan. After graduating from SUNY at Buffalo with a degree in engineering and not being able to find a job locally, I found a job in the south and moved there. I know, I know, the irony!

Living in the south, reading Investor's Business Daily, listening to conservative talk radio (something I immediately embraced after never hearing that point of view before), watching Hannity and Colmes, having a job and paying high federal taxes, I transitioned to a low tax conservative Republican pro-business pro Wall Street capitalist.

While listening to radio talk show host Michael Savage early in the George Bush presidency, I realized how inept and bad for the country the (establishment) Republicans really were. Time proved Savage right about Bush because most people now agree that George Bush was a disaster as President. Just look at how Jeb did in the primary for proof. Again, I immediately embraced this new point of view called nationalism that I was not hearing anywhere else.

I was liberal in my 20's, conservative in my 30's and a Savage nationalist in my 40's proving that it's completely acceptable to change your political viewpoint as you get older and wiser, are exposed to more viewpoints and gain more knowledge.

I am now 50 years old. In the last few years after personally being affected by excessive corporate greed, I have confirmation that it does exist, that it is not good for America, and that government does have a role to play when the corporate profit motive trumps what is good for Americans. For example, food companies are in business to make profits, not feed Americans healthy food, which is why they load their products up with salt and sugar. Americans who are trying to lose weight should remember this fact when shopping for food. After being heavy myself in the past I studied nutrition, changed my eating habits tremendously, and returned to my weight as a 20 year old. Unlike some in conservative talk radio, I applaud Michelle Obama's efforts to improve school lunch nutrition. Government mandates that require food labels to differentiate between natural sugar (i.e. from fruit) and added sugar (i.e. empty calories) and the banning of trans fats from the hydrogenation process in foods such as margarine are perfect examples to show that government has an important oversight role and that making more profit is not always what is good for America. Food company profit should not be more important than citizen health.

I make a good living but that doesn't mean I can't see the negative effects of excessive corporate greed in America. I have seen my employer continually cut employee benefits while continually increasing executive compensation. I have seen them lay off workers while creating new Vice President positions. After a few rounds of layoffs, benefit cuts and our salaries being frozen for two years, my employer announced they were doubling the funding in their stock repurchase program with an additional $600 Million dollars. The fact that the company stock had gone from $25 per share to $170 per share (greatly outpacing the S&P 500) in the previous five years wasn't good enough for company executives. They put themselves, owners of tens to hundreds of thousands of shares of company stock (granted to them in their compensation packages by the compensation committee that consists of corporate executives from other companies) and their stockholders ahead of the employees even after their stock increased over 500% in five years. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN BY EXCESSIVE GREED. Layoffs, benefit cuts and salary freezes for the employees didn't stop them from very recently creating a new Vice President of Communications position even though there was already an Executive Vice President of Communications position. There are so many V.P.'s they need two levels so they can differentiate between a regular V.P. and an "Executive" V.P. I couldn't make this up any better myself to prove my point. My employer and companies across America no longer give pensions to newly hired employees even though the executives still get lucrative executive pension plans. Clearly the wealth gap will get worse if nothing changes.

I am not a poor person envious of the wealthy. I am a well educated, well read, middle class American who understands politics, economics and business and I don't like what I see. I read a lot of political opinion and commentary on from terrific syndicated columnists both conservative and liberal. There are at least two dozen columnists that I really like but my favorites are Walter E. Williams, whose insight into the Constitution, racial issues and economics is unmatched, and Patrick J. Buchanan, whose insight into foreign policy and the negative impacts of free trade and globalism are equally unmatched.

My 30 years of following politics, weekly reading of political opinion and commentary from conservative and liberal syndicated columnists, listening to conservative and nationalist talk radio and paying attention to what is going on around me, has provided me the knowledge to develop The Nationalist Contract with America.

I hope liberals can ignore the liberal brainwashing from the media and think for yourselves while reading this nationalist contract with America. Go back and read it multiple times if you have to because it takes time for new ideas to set in.

I hope conservatives can forget the business can do no wrong conservative brain washing from conservative talk radio and really think about the nationalist policies I present.

Only by uniting behind nationalism can we make America great again and keep it that way.

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